Before & After

I have been playing with some of the work from the Motaku Sailor Senshi Shoot from earlier in August.  There was one piece in particular that I wanted to take into Photoshop to do a little work one.  The hotel that the convention was at had a small arcade, which worked well for this particular shoot since their is a video game that they play in the anime.  The room was pretty small and a little dated with the curtains.  The image was in need of some work.

I took the photo image into Photoshop and turned the background into black and white to neutralize it.  On the video game cabinet, I changed it to have the video game that is played in the anime.  After a few other adjustments I had something that fits with the vision that we had for this particular image in the shoot.

Before.  This is the image right out of the camera.  The curtain is dated and distracts from the rest of the image.  The video game cabinet is just a random game.  Motaku 2014

After.  This is after some adjustments in Photoshop.  The curtain has been neutralized.  The video game cabinet and screen have been changed to fit the vision of the image.  Motaku 2014