Weston Applefest, Weston Missouri - October 9, 2015

Every October Weston, Missouri host a fall festival known as the Weston Applefest.  We had heard about the event and decided to check it out.  The highways on the way to Weston seemed pretty busy while we were heading towards town, but we were not prepared for the huge crowd that had been drawn to this event.  The weather was perfect and everyone was prepared to get outside and enjoy a fall festival.  

Our first stop was a farm a couple miles outside of town known as the Red Barn Farm.  As the name suggests, there was indeed a red barn.  The farm was setup to carter to the public, with families in mind.  Along with selling apples and pumpkins, they had many activities that could entertain the whole family.  We chose to wonder around, walking through an apple orchard and seeing what other neat things we could find.

Weston sets along the Missouri River and has a nice state park near town.  We ventured into the Weston Bend State Park.  The park featured some wonderful wooded areas, with walking trails.

Traffic was still thick when we decided to venture into town to see the main festival.  We made our way towards town and found parking along a side street several blocks from downtown.  Parking was tough to find, with cars parked at every available location.  We walked towards the festival, walking by a winery and brewery along the way.  We finally ventured into a well preserved downtown area, the host to the Weston Applefest.  Admission was donation, which we gladly supported the community.  Walking through the festival, we were greeted by a huge crowd.  The main street had several blocks worth of local shops and craft vendors.  A block off Main street was our destination, food trucks and food vendors.  The food selection was great.  One of the local churches was serving apple dumplings, which were amazing.

Weston Applefest is definitely a destination worth venturing to.  We will put it on our calendar to visit again.

Miltonvale Record

The Miltonvale Record contacted me after seeing my blog about the Longford Rodeo.  They asked if they could post my blog as a story in their paper.  I thought it was a great idea!  The article was printed in the Thursday, September 10, 2015 edition of the Miltonvale Record.

This is a scanned copy of the paper copy that I received.  I replaced the Black & White images of mine with color to better show case them.  


This past weekend was TOPCON in Topeka, KS.  We attended the fun on Saturday, and it was great.  Comic Conventions bring some great Cosplay, and this event had its share of awesome costumes.  Making a big impact with their fabulous costumes was Iron Brothers of Topeka and the Red Dalek.  Attendees also were treated to an amazing Lego display by KC Bricklab.  

Saturday evening brought many of the attending Cosplayers on stage for a Costume Contest. The lineup of costume was superb, making for some stiff competition.  The judges had a hard decision, but made some great choices in the end.

TOPCON has set the dates for next year and will return better that ever.  Mark your calendar for September 16-18, 2016 and plan to have a great time. 

60 Years of Longford Rodeo - September 5, 2015

I grew up in a small town that hosts a big rodeo.  On Labor day weekend, Longford, Kansas holds a two day PRCA rodeo that features some of the best cowboys and cowgirls in the country.  This year marked the 60th year for this great event.   

The Longford Rodeo, as part of the PRCA Prairie Circuit, attracts top-notch cowboys and cowgirls that have been to the National Finals Rodeo.  Many of them are on their way back to the finals.  This year was no different.  New for 2015, the crowd was treated to some amazing dirt bike action.  The rodeo always brings in some entertainment beyond the normal rodeo events.  The additional entertainment this year was in the form of cowboys on dirt bikes, two to be precise.  These two dirt bike cowboys showed off their skill by preforming jumps and mid air tricks.  

The rodeo is the main event for the weekend, being held on Friday and Saturday nights.  Longford also hosts other activities over the weekend, including a parade.  These other activities are held downtown.

It was definitely another great show for this 60th year.  Be sure to put it down on your calendar to attend next year's rodeo. 

Kansas City Comic Con 2015

Kansas City Comic Con was August 7, 8, & 9, 2015.  I attended as part of Another Castle Creations, but made sure to make some time for with the camera.  There was so much great Cosplay that I felt I should share.  What a great first year for this Convention.

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Tailgating and Football

Okay, so it is more football, but it is that time of year.  

We had a great time again.  We tailgated before the game, since it was a late game.  Being a cold day worked great with some delicious 1/4 lb chili dogs.  Great food was followed by a great, albeit cold, K-State Football victory over Oklahoma State University.

Pride and Football

Yesterday we went to the Texas Tech vs K-State Football game.  It was a really great night for football with a nice fall chill in the air.  The highlight was the great half time show by the Pride of Wildcat Land, the KSU Marching Band.  They honored all of the branches on the military by playing their songs and forming some pretty cool formations, including moving airplanes, moving boat and submarine, and a tank with a moving track.  Of course there was also some great plays made, one of which was an amazing one handed catch for a touchdown.

A Good Day For A Bike Ride

Okay, so I did not actually ride my bike today, but I did help with one.  I help provide communication and support for a couple of bicycle rides every year in association with the local amateur radio club, MAARS.  This morning was the Yellow Brick Road Bike Ride, a part of the Oztoberfest in Wamego, KS.  As always, the camera cam along for the ride.  More than bikes and riders were shot this morning.

Yellow Brick Road Bike Rider.  Nikon D7000, Tamron 18-270, ISO100, 270 mm, f/8.0, 1/160 sec

Yellow Brick Road Bike Rider.  Nikon D7000, Tamron 18-270, ISO100, 200 mm f/8.0, 1/160 sec

Cows and Crows. Edited in Fusion Express 2 and LR5.

Cow and Crows.  Edited in Fusion Express 2 and LR5.

The Old Stone Church. Near Maple Hill, KS.  Three shot HDR, edited with Photomatix Pro and LR5


Every year I try to find a sunflower field to shoot.  There is just something about the large agricultural sunflower in a field that makes me feel Kansas.  I do not remember seeing many sunflower fields when I was growing up, but it still says Kansas to me.  I found this field in Washington County, KS.

Sunflower Road.  Washington Co, KS

Field of Yellow and Green.  Washington County, KS

Sunflower.  Washington Co, KS

Lindsey Stirling

Bosco Student Plaza at Kansas State University had a packed crowd last night as it hosted a free concert.  Lindsey Stirling is a classically trained violinist who was a quarter-finalist on America's Got Talent during season five.  She has covered many popular songs and video game themes, but has many original songs as well.  adding to her talent as a violinist, Lindsey is also an excellent dancer, putting on amazing stage performances.

Opening for Lindsey was Vineyard, a local Manhattan band.

Lindsey Stirling at Kansas State University

Lindsey Stirling at Kansas State University

Drumming for Lindsey Stirling at Kansas State University

Lindsey Stirling at Kansas State University

Lindsey Stirling at Kansas State University

Lindsey Stirling at Kansas State University

Lindsey Stirling at Kansas State University

Lindsey Stirling at Kansas State University